Commercial Capacity

Canteras La Belonga has been working in the extraction industry for more than 35 years, evolving and adopting the most modern technologies, looking to increase our efficiency, competitiveness and value. Yearly production over 2,500,000 tonnes of the whole marketed products.

Canteras La Belonga is currently envolved in various I+D+i projects, financed by the CDTi, collaborating with companies of the electrical sector such as IBERDROLA and technological centers such as ITMA  in the purpose of expanding the offered products, including different granulometries in accordance with various fuels in desulfurizer plants and opting for the most suitable for marketing, thus helping to improve the environmental quality and reducing emissions during the process of using coal for energy production, as well as the possibility of valuing subproducts such as FGD plasters.

Canteras La Belonga yearly produces about 250000 tn Belfiller 63 µn. There is also the possibility of a second grinding group in case of market needs.

The main clients are construction and electric companies, agrolivestock and windows companies.

Concrete manufacturers and prefabricated such as Hormigones Avilés Oviedo, S.A.

Mortar manufacturers such as  Morteros del Principado S.A.

Bitumen mixtures manufacturers such as Alvargonzález Contratas S.A. and Tratamientos Asfalticos, S.A. and the major constructors such as Ferrovial, Dragados, Acciona or OHL.

Electric companies as Iberdrola (Lada-Langreo and Velilla-Palencia centrals) or the Power Station in La Pereda (HUNOSA). In other industrial uses, such as the leading multinational company Saint Gobain (Avilés),

As to fodder manufacturing, local and from neighbouring provinces agricultural cooperatives.