Canteras La Belonga performs a continuous monitoring of the manufacture of its products , specially the Belfiller, both in its production (controlling the input, reject and output flow as well as the total feeding to the mill) and the quality (having our own authorized laboratory  AST-016 equipped with sieving machine, precison scales and other accurate equipment for physical and chemical tests to control the Belfiller 63 µm quality for instance the FTLBA sieving which allows a quick characterization of the particles sizes).

Canteras La Belonga S.A. has a Quality Management System s/ISO 9001 certificate number EC-4302/09 and an Occupational Risk Prevention System s/OHSAS 18001 certificate number PRL-0145/09.

Canteras La Belonga is registered in the Small Producers of Waste Registry, file GA00704 Principality of Asturias (R/19 January 2001).

Canteras La Belonga  has been authorized to pour runoff water by the Hydrographic Confederation in Spain.

Canteras La Belonga S.A. is registered in the Inorganic Raw Material Manufacturers Registry for animal feeding fodders in Principality of Asturias (Rules 183/2005) This implies the establishment and development of an analysis manual of critical points.