Canteras La Belonga has been working in the extraction industry for more than 35 years, evolving and adopting the most modern technologies, looking to increase our efficiency, competitiveness and value. Canteras La Belonga has followed a constant line of evolution , both in yield and in quality and variety of its products. However, we are convinced that a company must focus its investments beyond production. For this reason, we have created spaces as well as new safety measures in order to improve our employees´ working conditions, always remembering to keep a balance between resource extraction and the environment.
Canteras La Belonga has been also working on adapting to business and social changes, encouraging the communication among our employees and their individual recognition. Always valuing the human outfit as base of the company growth and investing in mesasures to keep a balance between resource and the environment.

In order to carry out these aims, the company has large capability production installations, totally automated, as well as loading and transport equipment, capable to supply enough raw material to its production plants.

Canteras La Belonga has eight mining limestone grids with an area of 216 Hectares. The authorized area by the General Mining Directorate  of the Principality of Asturias is 61 Hectares, approved in four expansion plans for the extraction industry, dates 17/03/1987; 06/06/96; 03/08/2004 and 07/07/2010, after approving the corresponding environmental impact studies, restoration plans and the operating plan as well as the deposit of  the required guarantees. The quarry owns about 100 Hectares and 150 million tonnes of estimated reserves.