We offer you a wide range of BAGGING MATERIALS in sizes adapted to the individual needs.

* AGGREGATES.- Of various granulometries of limestone origin and high chemical purity

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* DRY MORTAR FOR MASONRY.- Plasticity, workability, adhesion, mechanical resistance and very good finishes in masonry work in general: clay brick, face, concrete block, thermo-clay.

* DRY MORTAR FOR PLASTERING.- Plasticity, workability, adhesion, mechanical resistance and excellent finishes in interior and exterior plaster. Manual application or with projection machine. It does not show detachments nor fissures in normal uses.

* WATER-RESISTANT MORTAR.- It has a water absorption significantly lower than normal mortars.

* SELF-LEVELING MORTAR CT-C20-F5.- With cement base (CT) and high purity limestone sands, such as dry mortar, in bulk, bagged in plastic bag, big bag or silo.

– Interior application, for continuous screeds or renovation of floors, forging of forged and to receive any type of coating.

– Especially suitable for floor heating with radiant wire and / or water pipes.

* PREPARED CONCRETE.- For both construction and decorative uses (color gamut and draining concrete)

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* BELFILLER 63 μm.- Micronized Calcium Carbonate of great purity and with multiple uses, such as:

– The processes of desulfurization and mineral loads in the industry.

– Manufacture of prefabricated and mortars in construction.

– Agriculture as soil acidity corrector (limestone correction)

– Livestock as raw material for the manufacture of feed and food additives.

Fertilizers and Feeding

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