Of these fractions, the sands 0/2 and 0/4 mm are used in the grinding system feeding and micronized ANIVI where we manufacture the Belfiller 63 µm. The grinding and classification group has a ball mill with rubber coating and molturante steel balls loading (27200 kg forged steel balls to a filling volume of 45% mill) type MB 5*16, in cylindrical shape of laminated sheet S-275 JR, 1500 mm diameter and 4800mm length.

Power is supplied by an endless-screw, equipped with scales for continuos monitoring. We use a suction equipment in order to keep the installation in depression and avoid any powder leak to the exterior. It also has an adjustable effectiviness decanter cyclone to decant the sucked dust with a valve in discharge, a filter of continuous service bags, completely automatic and an appropriate fan for this aspiration system.

The separation of the grinded product is carried out by an ANIVI STURTEVANT dinamic classifier of 4200mm diameter. It also has various elements of connection, such as unloading box , bin elevator and endless-screw. Each endless-screw is regulated by means of weighing scales ensuring the milling conditions and  the power and reject charges. The whole process is guaranteed by an automaton that ensures uniformity both grinding and sorting parameters and the quality of the final product.